Weather you are an avid exerciser or just getting back into the fitness routine after a short break; there are some basic tips and information you should know before your first Zumba® Fitness class.

Do I need to know how to dance?
No dance experience? no problem! Most participants are not former dancers. This is a dance-fitness class, not a dance class. We use dance movements and workout to music but you do not need dance experience. You just need a great attitude and a willingness to try something new!

Who can participate?
Zumba® Fitness classes are for participants of varying ages and fitness abilities. You do not need any dance training to participate. You just need a great attitude and willingness to have fun! Whether you are an avid exerciser who wants to spice up your current fitness routine or you are rejoining the fitness scene after a break…. Zumba® Fitness class is for you!  If you love to move and enjoy music then Zumba® Fitness class is what you need.

What if I can’t follow the steps at first, but I like the class and the music?
The great thing about Zumba® are there are very few rules; just dance a little, laugh a little and sweat a lot…and just keep moving.  As long as you are moving you are working.  Just have fun with this class. You’ll soon learn that exercise really can BE FUN!  Each weeks builds upon another; with time and practice you will soon see how quickly you will master new movements.

What should I wear or bring to class?
Lightweight, wicking and absorbent workout wear will do. You will sweat, but that’s a good thing. Many students wear yoga pants, cardio workout clothes that flow easily with movement. Whatever you choose, be sure you are comfortable.

Be sure to bring a water bottle and a towel. You need to keep yourself hydrated and you will sweat!

You must have shoes (no bare feet or socks).  No street shoes (heels, sandals).
Cross trainers or dance shoes with a smooth bottom are preferred by longtime Zumba® students for easy pivoting. Running sneakers and cross trainers with treads are doable, however, some sneakers have a lot of tread that prevents you from turning with ease. Shoes that have shock absorbency and cushioning for impact movements is a must. We do not perform many high impact movements but you will need cushioning for moderate impact movements to prevent stress on joints. A supportive and stable heel will help support the foot and ankle for lateral (side to side) movements. Whatever shoe you choose for any type of exercise be sure it fits your specific needs.

I haven’t exercised in a while will I be able to keep up?
Remember to go at your own pace.  The class is structured so that beginner and more advanced level students can work at the same time.  Everyone in the class is coming from different fitness and health backgrounds. You only need to be concerned with yourself and your abilities and health. If you do have any medical conditions, injuries or if you are taking any medications that effect heart rate please seek advice from your physician prior to participating.

Discuss any concerns you have with the instructor; either through email or in class. We want to see you succeed, have fun and enjoy the class! We are here to help.


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